A human’s life relies on some basic needs, which starts from the first cry of a man’s life. Food is the very first thing which we need after our birth, so we can say that food is essential for the life. Thousands of years ago with the beginning of life, discovery of food was started. But the food in ancient time was completely different from our today’s world, the ancient food was plain and dull. Most of the ancient people lived their life upon bread and beer, and most of the people were very happy with that.

With the evolution in man’s life, the food also had changed its initial form. Egypt was the first civilization who took the step and altered the food in a different way. Since then people are trying their best to form new kind of food, to give pleasure to the foodies. In the beginning it was just a need but now food has become a delight for those who love cooking and eating.

Cooking has become a passion and art in this modern world, many people are busy discovering the new ways for cooking their food. Cooking has become an industry and people are earning fame and money from it. In ancient times kitchen and cooking was a woman’s delicacy but now men are also exploring the world of taste and texture. Men chefs are giving a new trend to cooking and enjoying the pleasure. In so many chefs Ido fishman is one of the best of his kind, who takes his work not only as passion but as his devotion. Baking is his specialty and he finds it the best way of cooking.

Baking is for your pleasure

Baking is a process where we cook food on dry heat, on ashes or on stones. Baking is the oldest way of cooking but now it has become an industry by itself, and people love to eat and buy bakery items. Bread is a common type of baking items, which provides nutrients and energy to the human body. Bakery items are bread, roll, cookies, pies and muffins. Baking techniques are completely changed and developed now days and Ido fishman is also using these techniques to improvise the delicacy. He believes that baking is curing, because when you start baking you inevitably become more curious about the item you are making.

His bakery items are like the sensation of the town. All of his bakery items are famous but there are some, which are wonderfully delicious and provoke your taste buds to take more. Most of the people thinks that baking is only for the experts Ido says that “yes you should be careful with your ingredients, proportions and techniques but this should not stop a beginner from trying at this relaxing activity”. Ido fishman narrates baking in his own words that “When you just open your oven and finds a delicious and mouthwatering item, waiting to pleasure your stomach, you feel relax and it affects your wits”.

On the other hand Ido fishman believe that fact that baking can be messy, it is obvious that when you work with dry and raw materials like flour, sugar, spices and salt, it spill on your kitchen counter or even on your floor, but when your item is ready you will be delighted and tranquil after tasting it. The mouthwatering taste gives you the feeling of entering the heaven with closed eyes. Baking needs hard work, and the fruit of your hard work can be delicious. Ido fishman also believes that baking need attention in every single step of it but when your efforts become in a delicious form it makes worth it and a joyful smile comes on your lips.

Most loved items by Ido fishman

You cannot imagine that Ido fishman and his bakery items are winning the hearts in his town and the world is praising his efforts in bakery business. Most of his items are famous in masses and people follow his rules in learning, but some items are talk of the town. And popular in masses.

  • Mini cheese cakes

These cupcake size mini cheesecakes are the delicious effort of Ido fishman and giving neck to neck antagonism to the other makers of the town. These cheesecakes are highly in demand, especially children love them to eat. Not only children but the people of all ages love to bite these astonishing pleasure.

  • Shrewsbury cookies

Shrewsbury cookies are named after a small county of England. These cookies are made up of whole wheat flour and taste to be really sweet, crunchy and amazingly delicious. These delicious cookies pamper the taste buds of all, from children to aged.

  • Black forest cake

Black forest cake is a sponge cake with the cream and cherry filling. It consists of several layers of sponge, chocolate and whip cream. This cake is the most popular bakery item of Ido fishman and no marriage or party is completed without this signature item of him.

  • Butterscotch cookies

This is the most revolutionary invention we are witnessing of Ido fishman. These mouthwatering cookies are made up of butter, flour and sugar, Ido fishman  is highly expert in making and loved by all who have tasted it.

Ideas for newcomers

Baking is communal in experience. Ido fishman is really hopeful for the newcomers and wants them to learn the rules of baking because for him there is nothing like giving the pleasure to the others. Ido fishman thinks that baking is not only a fun but it is also caring and sharing and when you cares for people and what they love, they share everything with them. A bad day can become delightful, after making a mouthwatering delight for the people whom you cares. For him nothing can replace baking in his life, and he will be making the sweetest aroma for the happy faces of his people. He wishes the best for those who are awaiting for their chances in baking world