Ido Fishman ChefChef Ido Fishman is proud to be one of London’s best chefs that offer special cooking classes. We offer a variety of cooking classes to suit every interest and schedule. Classes are aimed at all skill levels, empowering students by teaching techniques as opposed to being tied to a recipe.

Being one of the best, many professional chefs have already taken part in our classes. We invite you to join in our hands-on cooking classes where you can learn the techniques of professional chefs. Don’t miss the chance to learn amazing cooking techniques and styles that are highly recommended by professional chefs.

We have a great team of dedicated people around us, our wonderful clients (though we would prefer to call them friends; you can check our Ido Fishman page on Facebook) and a true passion for cooking has really made our classes successful. 

For those who enjoy preparing as much as tasting fine cuisine, our Ido Fishman chef’s cooking classes and his kitchens are open to you for truly memorable cooking classes.

Share the passion, learn some secrets, find some cooking ideas, try to cook gourmet recipes like a professional chef and savor the experience!