Ido Fishman ChefFood is the most essential part of our lives. Today we are living in an age where there is no room for laziness, everyone is struggling hard to meet the competition and catch up with others in an attempt that no one takes a lead from us. We have been advised to use healthy food as part of our day to day diet but the definition of healthy food has become a complex one where you have been forbidden to take most kinds of foods. But having a healthy diet does not mean that you have to limit yourself and look thin or not letting yourself enjoy the food you love the most.

It is in fact about feeling healthy, more energetic and at the same time changing your mood. It is said and rightly so because “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” So if you are tired of eating traditional foods and looking for different taste to change your mood, why not try foods from different origins – and why not French Cuisine.

A way of life or art de vivre!

There is no question that the French Cuisine is one of the best choice food around the world and is considered the best foods available. Based on the typical cooking traditions from France, French Cuisine is a superb mix of traditions and cultures and above all reflects the fondness of French towards the food. The French cooking style defies the general technique of preparing food in which though the ingredients are used as is being used in any other cooking style but rather it focuses more on the need of innovating rich blends of flavours to the food and its taste.

The most extensive use of cheese and butter and a right quantity of finest quality wine, no wonder makes the French Cuisine a dream. The French Cuisine is famous for its reputation in which a great deal of attention is applied to the products, services as well as the social importance of the food. This makes French Cuisine quite unique and distinct from any other cuisines and puts it at number one place in Tier-A category of cuisines around the world.

My journey into acquiring French Cuisine

Being an expert chef myself, I always craved for acquiring new skills and knowledge and was always willing to explore in order to refine my expertise. Though I have been able to learn most of the famous cuisines of the world I still had this feeling that I lacked something which was quite unsettling for me. I started to find out what is that thing which can satisfy my soul. The idea of acquiring expertise, skills and knowledge of French Cuisine stumbled upon to me when in the mid-summer I was wandering by myself on a cozy night in the streets of this remarkable city called Paris. I thought myself to try one of the restaurants on the side road so I pulled a chair, made myself comfortable and ordered Soupe a l’oignon as starter which is a famous

French soup made up of onions and beef and served with melted cheese. For meal I had ordered for Gigot D’Agneau Pleureur which is made up of lamb meat carefully cooked in the oven and served with potatoes. I was so amazed with the taste of both French dishes which were spot on to sooth my taste. This was the moment when I realized that this is the thing which I needed to learn the most and decided to acquire skills of French Cuisine. To me it was not just food but something more above it – I would rather call it “The Art”.

Learning the art of French Cuisine

Over the years I have learnt a great deal in French Cuisine and today I can easily vouch that I have mastered it. I do not hesitate to bring in ideas of my own to refine the taste for my visitors. Click here if you wish to be a master chef in French Cuisine and we can help each other together in learning the art of French Cuisine with innovation as well as refining our skills for the ultimate aim of catering our valuable customers. I am here to help you achieving your goals and bringing your dream to life of becoming not just a chef but a master chef which is equipped with extensive knowledge without compromising on the quality and standard of food.

I believe that if you are successfully able to keep your goals amid, it can make you successful in long term and can guarantee a rewarding as well as productive future ahead. The popularity of French Cuisine is well-recognized and ever growing and one should not refrain from be a part of something which is widely loved by locals as well as most of the tourists who enjoy the variety of foods offered in French Cuisine.

Vibrant Future

It is estimated that the average growth of professional chefs and head cooks would grow 11 percent till 2028 which is much faster than average rate of any other professional occupations. With the growing trend of food in the world which is backed by many great TV programs, which promote the business of Food & Industry and stresses upon the need of having quality chefs, there is no denying of the fact that chefs, and in particular Executive Chefs, all around the world are making huge sums of money.

Chefs are highly paid and guarantees a vibrant future. If you are loyal with your profession then acquiring the expertise and skills in French Cuisine can be a booster as well as a win win factor with which the task of achieving the ultimate goal becomes easier. I’d like to end with a famous quote of George Bernard Shaw, a winner of Noble Prize and an Irish comic dramatist, who said that “There is love sincerer than the love of food.” Why wait? Start today by clicking here.